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evil twins Getting boys to read is sometimes tricky.  They want to feel that they can identify with the main characters, and many books, let’s face it, are written with female protagonists.  I think they will become intrigued by the action of these middle school boys.  While I would have to characterize this as a fantasy, it is not set in a fantastical world, but in every-day U.S.A. It does have elements of German mythology in it also.

Evil Twins is the third book of the Case File 13 Series by J. Scott Savage.  Nick and his buddies Carter and Angelo go on an ill-fated camping trip with Nick’s parents.  Nick’s father is always messing up their plans.  This time he forgets to check his reservation for the campground before leaving home.  This results in their being turned away and having to find another campsite.  The one they choose just happens to be home to a homunculus and  doppelgänger. The campers end up taking the homunculus home with them and in doing so, release the evil doppelgängers into the world.  How they resolve this is the main plot of the story.

This book is an exciting read for younger boys ages 9-12.  The boys do get into trouble, but they find out that doing wrong things brings dire consequences. I recommend it as an optional purchase for the upper elementary or middle school library.