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Flat Stanley

This is Book Twelve in the Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventure Series.  Many other Flat Stanley Adventures are also in existence.  Although the author is listed as Jeff Brown, the book is actually written by Josh Greenhut, and the illustrator is Macky Pamintuan. I suppose it is quite common for publishers and/or authors to use the name of a well-known author in promoting a series.  But, I do believe I like the works by Jeff Brown better than these co-written ones.

In this story, Flat Stanley and the rest of the Lambchop family travel to California on vacation.  After saving a girl in a wheelchair from rolling down the famous Lombardi Street with all its twists and turns, Stanley and his father find themselves being kidnapped by Lily Fox, the girl in the wheelchair.  She wants to show the world that a disabled person can overcome many obstacles.  Lily has been looking forward to meeting Stanley because she believes he can help her.

Her ambition is to escape from Alcatraz and make it to the California coast.  Of course, Stanley can’t resist this challenge, and together they do the impossible.  This is a delightful story of friendship and perseverance in the face of a disability. I recommend its purchase, especially for those libraries who already have Flat Stanley on their shelves.