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When the Finkelblurts, the humans who live in the same house as the cat, Madame Wigglesworth, bring home a dog named Grub, Madame Wigglesworth is NOT pleased.  She especially dislikes how much attention the dog is getting.

She begins to suffer from “stark-raving nutjob-it is” or AWK “aggravated wackadoodle disorder.” She decides the humans must be punished for hurting her so much.  In order to do this she enlists the help Honeybaked, the hamster and Clowney, the fish. Together they cause so much chaos they kick out the humans and establish Petlandia.

But, when Grub, not Madame Wigglesworth, is elected as president of Petlandia, she goes into over-drive and sets out to bring in more voters to Petlandia to get her rightful position as president. She enlists the help of the rats who live in the basement, but Honeybaked then goes to the attic and enlists the bats. So, the battle for Petlandia begins.  More and more voters are brought in until Petlandia actually falls. It is a cute little chapter book similar to Animal Farm about political power and the corruption it can bring.

Because of the upcoming presidential elections, it may pick up readership. One cannot help but see the similarities between Madame Wigglesworth and Hillary Clinton. A political fiction for little kids, is that is good idea.? You be the judge. It is a good story for the elementary reader in grades three- five. I recommend it for those readers.