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Titles in this series: All book have a word count of about 150 words. All are supposed to be for Grade One.

What is a Map?

Map Scales.

Types of Maps.

Compass Roses and Directions.

Symbols and Keys.

These books are designed to help develop critical thinking as required by the Common Core. They all contain excellent, colorful pictures and drawings. There is a glossary in each book, but the glossaries do not contain a pronunciation guide. Five new words or phrases pertaining to maps are introduced in each book. Each has a bibliography for further reading and two internet sites students can go to for games and more information. One site is a search site developed for children, and the other is a catalog of other Capstone books.  The students using the Capstone site are able to go to educational games on http://www.facthound.com.  Each book is library bound making it a good choice for school and public libraries.

While these books are written on a first grade level, I definitely have questions concerning the use of three and four syllable words in them. I do not believe that most first graders will be able to read them. They might best be used as a read-aloud to students, and then the teacher can further explain the concepts.

Also, each book contains only 24 pages; therefore, it does not fit the standard for picture books, and also makes the books rather expensive for libraries with limited budgets. Still, the material is clear, concise, and very well presented.  It definitely has a place in elementary libraries and public libraries.  I feel I can recommend it for elementary student probably those in second or third grade, though.