Scan0027 If you have problems with high school seniors smoking and drinking and with casual sex discussed (but with no overtly descriptive behavior) this book is NOT for you or your children. However, having said that, I would like to add that I recommend this book for high school and adult readers. It is a powerful, thought provoking piece that provides an in-depth discussion of states’ rights and federal laws.
The main character, Daniel Wright, is a high school senior who joined the National Guard and completed his basic training between his junior and senior year. Daniel goes home from basic to finish his senior year and play football. One night he gets a call from his commander that his unit has been deployed to protect the capital from protestors who disagree with the governor and the state legislature’s position against a federally mandated Social Security card that would allow the government to track the movements of the holder.
As the guard unit moves into position, they are increasingly threatened by the protestors until gas grenades are deployed, a rock is thrown that cracks Daniel’s gas mask, and he accidentally fires his weapon. At that, others begin shooting, both from the protestors and from the guard, and people are killed.  This sets the stage for the state of Idaho to protect its guardsmen, or to bow to popular demand and the federal government to prosecute the guardsmen involved. Of course, the biggest problem is the way the press “covers” the situation which keeps things stirred up and allows no one the freedom to tell the truth.
The incident causes discussions of the Kent State killings, and also points out the steps that President Johnson took to make it impossible for Gov. Wallace to call up the National Guard to stop the desegregation of Alabama schools.
I could not put the book down.  It seems to end with an implication that more is to come; but if the book just stops, the reader will forced to consider what will happen next. Get it, read it, and then decide for yourself, but I think it might have a place for a classroom discussion.