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The saga of the Dark Lord continues.  In this tale Sooz is in the Darklands, and Dark Lord (aka Dirk Lloyd) along with Chris is trying to get her back.  At the same time he is trying to get back to his realm and continue his reign as the terror of the Darklands.

Sooz is accepted by the Dark Lord’s minions as his fiancé.  They make her their queen, and she institutes some changes for good in the kingdom, but Sooz is captured by Lord Hasdruban who is intending to kill her.

Dirk and Chris get back to the Darklands and save Sooz, but Dirk changes back into the Dark Lord.  He begins to live the evil life he had lived before, but his minions refuse to go back to the evil they had to endure before.

Sooz manages to change him back to a boy and the three of them go back to the real world where they hope to be free of Lord Hasdruban – only to find that he has become their new principal. More to come, obviously.

This is a fun “read” for upper elementary students.  It teaches students that looks aren’t everything and that good can really conquer evil. I recommend it – especially if you already have the first of the series.