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I don’t have a picture for this book because I read a “prepub” edition, but I think it deserves to be looked at when it is published.  Here is the review I sent to the publisher:

Alexander has given us a whole new way of looking at aliens – both human and non-human. Gabe is an ordinary boy who thinks his summer will be the usual thing of playing with his friends and helping his parents care for his twin siblings.  His world is turned upside down when an alien named the Envoy invites him to be Earth’s ambassador to the Universe and thus to save the Earth.  This excites Gabe, yet he doesn’t understand how he, as a boy, can help save the world.

At the same time, his parents are arrested because they are illegal aliens and his parents are in danger of being deported. A neighbor offers to take care of Gabe and the twins because they are American citizens. His older sister has gone into hiding because she, also, is an illegal alien.  Gabe had no idea that his parents were not American citizens, and he also has no idea how to save his family.

As an ambassador, Gabe learns about conflict resolution, about talking of similarities of the inhabitants of the universe, and about trying to solve problems rather than fighting.   He still doesn’t know what he can do to save his family, but he knows that anger will not solve his problems.

This is an excellent book to help younger readers see that they are not alone with their conflicts.  It may help readers learn methods of communication, which are so very necessary in our world.  It would appear that there may be more stories of Gabe, the ambassador to come.  If that is true, I trust they will continue along the same line. I recommend this book for the elementary library.  The publisher is Simon and Schuster.