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I was only given two books in the series to review: Everything Mythology and Everything Dinosaurs. However there are others titles available: Everything Ancient Egypt, Everything Big Cats, Everything Sharks, Everything Castles, Everything Rocks and Minerals, Everything Dolphins and Everything Weather.

While Blake Hoena is the main author of the series, he works with National Geographic experts and/or authors to create the series. These books are colorful, full of information and well-bound.  Each book is packed with beautiful photographs and drawings. Each has a very good index, a list of videos, movies, books and other places where the reader may want to look at to learn more. Along with those learning aides is an interactive glossary (a type of quiz that allows the reader to check what he/she knows about the unusual terms used in the book).

Each book, or course, is only an introduction, but the author has taken great pains to pique the interest of the reader into learning more. I like the flaps both in the front and in the back of the paperback books.  They allow the reader to hold their place when interrupted, or when checking out something in the back of the book.  These flaps appear to be sturdy enough to take many readers handling them.

The books are also available in reinforced library binding. I did note that the word “reinforced” was misspelled in each book as “reinfored.” I did not notice misspellings in the texts, but I may just not have been aware that they were misspelled. It does bother me though, that something that obvious had slipped though the editing process. Still, this series definitely has a place in elementary libraries and public libraries. Those of you purchasing for Christian school libraries need to know that they take a secular view in the content, but you might use them for discussions of the differences of opinion.