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the only thing to fear

Did you ever wonder how life might have been different if the Allies had not won World War II?  Caroline Tung Richmond is a freelance writer who has now given us this premise in her first novel. She pictures for us the type of society that we might have had to endure under a regime that gave us not only Hitler as the dictator, but also his family as the continuation of his legacy.

In this story, Hitler’s medical experiments have resulted in the creation of some people with super powers. Zara is one of those anomalies. She lives in what used to be known as The United States of America, but is now called Eastern American Territories. Zara has spent her whole life trying to escape the attention of her Nazi overlords, but now she has to come face-to-face with them and with her powers, if she is to be able in any way to carry on the legacy of her family as defenders of freedom.

This fast-paced story will have the reader sitting on the edge of his/her seat and wondering what will happen as more freedom fighters with powers come out of hiding.  There is a love interest that develops, but it is not a sexualized book. I think it is appropriate for middle and high school readers.