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5bears don't read

George, a large grizzly bear, is different from other bears.  He likes to think about life and about his existence as a bear.  He wants MORE, but he doesn’t know just what that is. One day he finds a book in the forest that has pictures of bears just like him in it, and he decides to learn what the words in the book have to say about bears.  He goes to town to find someone who can teach him to read, and, of course, scares people to death.  Eventually, a little girl teaches him to read and all turns out well even though it took a while for George to learn to read.

Learning to read can be a challenge for some children. This read-aloud book lets those children know that George had to work hard to learn to read, but he eventually succeeded.  It teaches children that persistence is necessary to achieve one’s goals.  This is a good book for Pre-K and first graders.  I definitely recommend it.