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dragon of the Stars Set in the far distant future, this science fiction tale is about a civilization on a planet similar to ours. It is part of an alliance of other planets that have agreed not to colonize or to enslave senescent being of other planets. Aden Pendar is a young lieutenant whose job it is to undertake a top secret mission to find a star ship called Dragon of the Stars. This ship was developed by scientists on his planet, but on its maiden voyage, the man who had developed it took off with it.  It supposedly has the ability to destroy any other starship, and other members of the Alliance are determined to keep it from being found. Aden eventually finds the ship after several close calls with Alliance ships.  But what he finds out about the ship and its inventor will leave the reader stunned. When I first began reading this book, I had trouble getting into it because of all the military and space jargon, I even began to wonder if it were worth my time to read it all.  Then, all of a sudden – there it was – a turning point that I had not expected and from that point on I couldn’t put it down.  Readers of science fiction will definitely enjoy.  I would recommend it for readers in 7th grade and up.