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This, the fourth in The Throne of Glass Series, continues the saga of Celaena Sardothian and her struggle to find herself in a world that is filled with monstrous enemies. She must go to the fairy world to find her true origins and powers.

Although the king is trying his best to eliminate magic use by anyone, Celaena knows she needs to conquer and use what magic she has – even if that means she may face death.  Celaena is to be taught about her skills by Rowan, a Fairy sent by Maeve, the Queen of the Fairies.  Celaena is not sure she can trust Rowan, but she has no other choice.

She is not the only being with magical powers that must fly under the king’s radar. Other beings, such as the witches of the world are aligning themselves with the king, but only to decrease other magic users and thereby increase their hold on the world. And, in the capital itself, the son of the king begins to exhibit his magical powers.

What will be the outcome of the inevitable confrontation of good and evil?  This tale is sure to please readers of the series in grade 10 and up. I recommend it only as an optional purchase because, unless the library already has the first three books, it may not move off the shelves. Or, it might incite the reader to insist on getting the other three books into the collection.