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Bridget Wilder’s family sometimes treats her as if she doesn’t exist. They even forgot her birthday. To be fair, they are only her adoptive family. They took her in when her own parents disappeared. However, someone knows it is her birthday because they gave her a goody bag with strange things in it: dorky glasses, gross-flavored lip gloss and a broken smartphone.
Her world begins to change – and so does she – when the phone begins to ring, and she receives her first assignment as a CIA super agent. She is introduced to Section 23, a covert CIA department so secret that the CIA doesn’t even acknowledge that it exists. She even finds out that her real father is Carter Strike, a top CIA agent involved in saving the world. However, she soon learns that things are not always as they seem; and not everyone can be trusted.
This is a cute little story for elementary readers in grades 4-8 that just might turn into a Bridget Wilder series
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