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This book is a continuation of the tale of the Woodcutter sisters from Knotis’s book Enchanted.  Friday Woodcutter takes in all the children who are left after her sister Saturday broke the world.  Among those at the castle, unknown by the other inhabitants, are seven brothers who, by day, are swans, but who become men again each night.

Of course, Friday falls in love with Tristan, one of the brothers, but she tries to keep their existence a secret because they are still being hunted the evil Mordant, the person responsible for turning them into swans in the first place. Can Friday save the brothers and the rest of the world before Mordant takes over completely? A strange little man by the name of Mr. Humbug comes to help Friday.

This is an interesting retelling of two fairy tales: The Wild Swans and The Goose Girl. It is a good story for middle school readers of fantasy.  I recommend it for grades 5-8.