This is the second book of a series entitled The Immortal Game. Readers of the first book, Mortal Danger will be waiting in line to get their hands on this one.  The story of Edie Kramer, a mortal who has been pulled into a game played by immortals makes a very exciting tale. Kian, the boy who saved her from destruction at the hands of the immortals now awaits his death. Can Edie save him, her father and herself?  That is the problem in this book.

It is a mystery/horror mashup based on religion and mythology.  I waded through the first few chapters and finally had enough understanding of the first book to really get into the storyline.   I recommend the purchase of this book ONLY if you already have, or are intending to purchase, Mortal Danger.  The characters are not given enough backstory in this book for the reader to easily figure out who they are.  The events that took place in the first book are mentioned, but not enough pieces are given to put them  together until near the end of the book.

I also cannot recommend this for any parochial school or for middle school libraries.  There is a very graphic sex scene near the end of book which would not be acceptable for most parents of those students. Optional purchase for high school or college age readers IF you have the first one.