beyond clueless

Whenever teenagers have changes in their lives, they may not always be able to process everything about them and to make good judgements in the face of such changes.  This is true of Marty Sullivan. She has just started high school at a private, single sex Catholic high school, and she is not at all sure of how she will fit in.  Of course, her best friend, Jimmy, goes to another school, so she must find her way without her best support.

She becomes involved in her high school musical.  There are parts for boys in the musical, and the guys are allowed to come from any school in the area.  Since several guys are needed, she gets Jimmy to come try out.  He brings his new boyfriend, Derek.  Derek gets two friends of his, Kirby and Oliver, to try out also.

Marty is drawn to Oliver, but she knows this is ridiculous because he is gay.  Marty thinks that Kirby is Oliver’s boyfriend.  Another boy from a neighboring school seems to be drawn to her, so she goes for him. She, along with her new friend, Xiang, learn that high school isn’t all bad and that things are seldom as they seem on the surface.

This is a great coming-of-age story for teen readers.  One thing I would like to point out is that, while the story is supposed to take place in a suburb of Cleveland, the author calls the town Bracksville.   There is a real town named Brecksville; it is a suburb of Cleveland. I don’t know if the misspelling is intentional or accident.  In any case, I do recommend it for high school libraries, unless your audience would have problems with the reference to gays.