by Logan Macx

Two kids, Caleb and Zen, in a special school for technologically gifted teens, find themselves wrapped up in a secretive group named Möbius as they try to free their families from kidnappers. Caleb’s father had passed away shortly after the family’s arrival in London, and Caleb knew his mother was a CIA agent, as his father had been, but not much else about her work. Zen’s parents were both well-known scientists. Both families are captured by some unknown bad guys, but Caleb and Zen manage to elude the captors. They contact their teacher, Professor Clay, and she reveals to them that she also is an undercover agent. Caleb and Zen become agents Swift and Hawk in Möbius the secret spy network run by Prof. Clay. In order to save their families, they must travel to the island of Spøkelsøy or Ghost Island, in Norway. Their lives are threatened at every turn, and they have to rely on their knowledge of robotics, AI, and themselves to survive and succeed in saving their families.

This is a fast-paced exciting adventure sure to enthrall any middle school age fan of computer gaming. There is violence, but it is part of the story. I think this is just the start of the Adventures of Swift and Hawk. I recommend this as an additional purchase for the middle school reader.