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Titles include:

My Body Needs to be Clean.

My Body Needs Exercise.

My Body Needs Rest.

My Body Needs Food.

The publisher of this series is Amicus Publishing.  I am not familiar with this publisher, but I am impressed by the quality of these books

Each of the books in the series is designed to appeal to the natural curiosity children have about their bodies. Each focuses on helping children learn to take care of themselves.

Each subject discussed in a particular book is set up in a two page spread, with one page of print material and one page with a picture.  Sometimes healthy hints are given to augment the material.  Unfamiliar or more difficult words are bolded and are listed in a glossary at the end of the book.

Each book has a “Get Started” page before the glossary to help the reader begin to do the things suggested in it.  The glossary is followed by a bibliography of books and web pages the student can use to gain further information about the subject discussed.

The publishers have included in the front of each book a list of the Common Core Standards supported in that book. The books are very colorful and have a good binding. While the books are written on a first grade reading level, they will appeal to students up to the fourth grade. I recommend this series for elementary libraries that are seeking to provide good non-fiction to their students.