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Miranda has given us a new take on reincarnation.  What if, instead of being reincarnated to be able to better one’s soul, everyone were reincarnated with the same soul they had before – evil traits and all.  Alina has spent her life on a secluded island – not for what she had done in her present life, but for what she did in a past life.  She is being secluded to protect others from her.  In her previous life she committed a serious crime and caused the death of a young man.  They know it was her because they were able to test her soul’s print through a lumbar puncture done 12 hours after she was born.  It matched the criminal’s print , and so Alina was separated from society for society’s sake.  Only, she has people who want her to be free, and they help her escape; but, can she trust those people?

I don’t believe in reincarnation, and I don’t think this book will influence young people to begin believing in it. If anything, it probably will have the opposite effect. So, Christian parents, rest easy in allowing your young ones to read this story. I am saying it is science fiction because of the “science” in it. It is also an exciting mystery/adventure tale.  It is sure to please readers in grade 10 and up. And, it would make a good movie.