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in the time of the Dragon Moon

Although this is a third book by the author and follows the theme and characters of her previous two novels, it is more of a companion novel than a true series. It is not necessary at all to have read the other two books of Carey’s in order to enjoy this one.

This is a tale of a part native, part English girl, Uma Quareteney, who wants to become a healer like her native, Euit father; but her tribe does not recognize her abilities. An evil English queen forces Uma and her father leave their land to help her have a second child.  Since Uma’s land is threatened with destruction if the queen does not conceive, Uma must do her best to help the queen. She must use all her training and her supernatural powers to accomplish this. All of the court knows that a murderer is among them, but who – or what that is – has to be uncovered. Humans, fairies and dragons must all work together to hold back destruction of their lands.

This is an excellent fantasy.  It ties together bits and pieces of fairy tales, history, mythology, and Chinese folklore.The reader will get totally involved in the world that Carey has created.  All the characters are believable, and the plot will hold the reader’s interest until the very end.  I definitely recommend it for junior high and high school readers.