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In the library where I work, there are many fans of fantasy – in particular of books about dragons.  They look forward to seeing the next installment of any dragon tale. This third book in the Dragonborn series continues the tale of Sam and his dragon, Starbuck;  but introduces Tamrin, a girl who has been secretly training as a sorcerer. The two of them must figure out how their lives are intertwined and how to work together to stop the villainous wizard Ash from escaping from her castle prison. They have to find out who, in their world,  is helping Ash before she manages to escape.

The story by itself comes to a satisfactory conclusion.  It can stand alone without the other two books in the series. But, if you already have the first two books, it is a MUST-HAVE. Upper elementary and middle school readers who like dragon stories will enjoy it.  I recommend it as an optional purchase for elementary and middle school readers.  The reader will quickly realize that this is NOT the end of the Dragonborn.