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eternal city

The past is the past, and it’s over and done with. Right? What if it is not? What if, just because people stopped believing in them, the Roman gods and goddesses never stopped existing? What if something that was stolen from them in the past needs to be returned to stop calamity in the future?  Such is the premise of this book.

Laura is a high school student from the U.S. on a trip to Paris with other students of Ancient History. She and the rest of her group get trapped in Rome because of a volcanic eruption which stops all air traffic.  But, then things get weirder and weirder. Statues come to life and birds seems to have strange powers, but Laura is not sure that these things are really happening.  The most unlikely people help her sort out her problems and help save her life and all of Rome itself.

This is a good love/adventure story involving history, mythology and religion.  Readers  in grades 7-12 will enjoy it.